Smiling Staff exists to build the very best teams. We believe that individuality,  experiences and personal attributes are what make positive impacts on businesses and their teams. Smiling Staff’s approach is ‘Recruitment As A Service’. Our team support you throughout the whole process, saving you stress, time and thousands of pounds through our bespoke subscription packages.

Our ‘ACE’ service

Smiling Staff’s services are processes that have been built with great care, attention and understanding. Each candidate is conscientiously selected to be introduced to our client. It is important that we find the right person for the job and we are committed in finding you your dream team.


‘A’ Assessment Services

Saving you the time and stress

  • Strict Application process for any applicant/candidate to join our Community
  • We look for both Professional & Personal Attributes
  • Technical and Psychometric Testing
  • Smiling Staff Interview
  • Identifying recruitment needs
  • Building job specs 

‘C’ Compliance Services

For your Peace of Mind

  • Proof of Identity
  • Certificates and Qualifications Checked
  • Professional Memberships
  • Insurance
  • Occupational Health Checks
  • Right to work checks
  • DBS clearance
  • References collected

‘E’ Employment Services

An example of our support

  • Job advertisements across social media and all major job boards
  • Shortlisting applicants
  • Tailored Smiling Staff Interviews 
  • On-boarding (HR Services)
  • Job Offer Letters and Employment Contracts
  • Ongoing support for a sustainable workforce

One Off Fee %

The most generic way in which recruitment specialist operate. 

(We feel this is now extremely outdated, but it is still an option for those happy to pay higher fees for less value for money) 

Smiling Staff have designed a Subscription option or a bespoke package to ensure our clients save a small fortune allowing them to spend that budget elsewhere. 

A one off % of a placements annual salary is still an option if you so prefer. Our other options will be in your best interest. 



Subscription Package

Innovative, re-imagined, money saving recruitment option for sustainability and on-going support. 

Alternative tiers to suit every business as it grows, simply upgrade. 

All inclusive support encompassing our ‘ACE’ services as well as expert HR guidance from our friends over at the HR Dept!  (Literally saving you £,£££) 



Bespoke Services

Whether you are looking to recruit 1 or 100 new team members. Perhaps you are just testing the waters or looking to work closely with Smiling Staff for a much larger project, GET IN TOUCH. 

With a designated Recruitment Consultant (And/or team dependant on the scale of your requirements) Smiling Staff should be your first choice for all your recruitment and HR needs. 

Another example might be that you just need a hand getting a Job Advertisement out. We can quote you for this alone, so please, do not hesitate to ask how we can help you. 

Smiling Staff strive to be leaders in recruitment. Our professional approach helps us to deliver excellent services and has added value to both our clients and community members. We are great believers in the power of people and never underestimate the magic that people bring to others. Which is why we always focus on both Professional and Personal Attributes. 

Our Mission Statement is S.M.I.LE

To be leaders in delivering Recruitment Solution Services

To Manage our clients recruitment needs as efficiently and professionally as possible 

We understand Individuality, our bespoke approach helps us to deliver a personable service

We provide solutions that are sustainable, we are all about Longevity and lasting relationships

To promote Equality and Diversity for all roles and build a strong, supported community.


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