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That’s right, we amplify your presence like no-one else can. You need to be contactable and we know a mobile phone on it’s own just doesn’t cut it. People expect a landline and increasingly people want to buy local. They want someone near to them and for tradespeople and services, that first contact could be a customer for many years.

We offer an end to end service that is designed for you, the small business owner. You need:

Why Choose BizBosh!?

Real Small Business For Small Businesses

We know the pain points and the services we offer remove them

One Bill

You have enough admin to deal with, one bill, one solution, simple


You don’t need a second mortgage for any of our services, they are accessible and monthly so you can budget

Keeping People Connected 

In person, on the phone and online, it’s what we do best. Some folks call it unified communication, we just call it GOOD communication. And we like simple, easy to understand and affordable and no-one else seemed to offer what we wanted, so we went ahead and created it. Enjoy!


I Don't Need A Website, I Use Facebook!

I don’t need a website, I’m on Facebook!

Or Instagram, or Snapchat or Pinterest or Twitter…. you get the idea.

GREAT! Go be social on social media, the clue is in the title. You can also sell (we do!) but it is an extension of your business. There is one BIG problem with only being on social media….

That’s not where the search engines are all the time, think Google and Bing, that’s where we all go when we are looking to find something right? And that is precisely why your business needs to be there. So if you think you are in an industry that does not need a website, think again. You do.

Expensive, yeah they can be. But they don’t need to cost thousands of pounds anymore. But – equally, FREE sites don’t cut it. They might be super easy to use but I doubt they appear in search results. If it’s super easy to use, then it will be hard to find.

Let us design you a professional site, better looking than the freebies, we even use or get you your own domain name. Get yourself a business website to be proud of. We build and focus on local customers and we’ll make sure you get found in the search engines too.

I have Personal Business Email

I Use Business Name @hotmail @icloud @sky etc

No, no you don’t. You use a personal email, if it’s not linked to a business domain, that’s what you have and people (customers) wont trust you as much. It just looks like you are maybe running your business part-time, a paying hobby maybe. Hey…it might be, but it’s bets to look like this is something you are serious about and then the customers faith will increase 10 fold.

If you have a website being designed, worry not, we will be arranging your branded emails for you as well. If not, also fine, you can just select the BOOST package option and we’ll arrange just the emails.

They really are essential to show your business in the professional and trustworthy light it deserves.

Why Personal eMail is not a good business choice

See – the people have spoken, now hit the button and we’ll get you sorted out. PLUS you get to choose a domain name to link the emails too.

Landlines - they are so 20th Century

No-one uses landlines anymore!

Oh contrare…Jo Public doesn’t but the main businesses around the country…the world in fact, they still use landlines. Why? It’s all about trust.

How would you feel ringing up a facilities supplier on their mobile? It’s just weird, the same for your TV, your internet and your Doctor to name a few. Yes we live in a digital age and technology is amazing BUT. when we need to speak to a professional anything other than a landline has us raising our eyebrows.

It is the SAME for small businesses. If Mrs Smith needs her boiler seeing too and there is a landline on one advert and a mobile only on another, all other things being equal, she will CHOOSE the landline.

  • it’s a local number
  • it’s a more established business (true or not, that’s the impression)
  • the business is more professional
  • the business owner is more trustworthy

All that just from an email address? You betcha! So for the sake of a cost of a pint and bag of crisps, put your customers mind to rest and promote your business the right way.

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