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Why Do I Need A Website?

Because you and your customers spend time online. We don’t use business directory books like the Yellow pages any more. We can hop online on our phones, tablets and laptops and for most of us, it’s where we start when we are looking for new products and services. 97% of consumers look online for businesses and if you want them to find you then you MUST have a website!

30% Percent Of Consumers Won’t Even Consider a Business Without A Website.

Your website is your business online, it’s there any time of the day. We spend about 24 hours a week online on average and 5 hours of that is via our mobiles. If they can’t find your business website, they tend to be believe you are not real. So lots of people go online to find a local business, and 93% will use a search engine like Google. Google serves a whopping 3.5 BILLION searches every day. The chance of someone local to you searching for what you offer is huge. If you’re not there, you are not getting their customs as they don’t even know you exist. 

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Designed For You - Not A Template

Free Hosting + Free Domain Included

Built For Search Engines To Love

What’s Included?

Mobile Optimised

Have you website looking great on all devices


Easy CMS (How You Manage It)

Built on WordPress and we even give you free training on how to add and update it.

No Upfront Costs!

No upfront charges. Small, manageable payments & that includes updates, backups and maintenance.



Get your local number(s), manage it instantly from your mobile App. Get business name eMails, forward them, reply to them, add your signature, spam protection, up to 10 eMail addresses, have a sparkling and modern website to show who you are & impress your customers online. 24/7 sales tool.


Professional Website

Get a design that is modern, works well cross device and is something unique for your business. All designs are created in draft and you can request updates and changes before they go live.


Hosting Included

Our fast hosting will deliver your site rapidly when it is requested. Many companies charge extra for hosting, not BizBosh! – with us it’s all included so it’s one simple low payment with nothing else to think about.


SSL and Legal Pages Included

Every website needs a cookie disclaimer, to be secure with something called an SSL certificate and to have both a terms & conditions page and privacy policy. These are now minimum requirements so we include them all. If you have your own terms we will add them for you, if not we will add some general ones for you.

Free Copy

Content - Yours Or Ours?

If you don’t have a website you might not know what to put on it! Our team have designed hundreds and hundreds of them and we have a team of professional writers. So if you don’t have content, we’ll even write it for you. Just tell us the basics and we’ll create some sizzling content for you.

Additional Website Info

We hear it a lot, “I don’t need a website”, you might think your customers are on social media, or they are not active online, or you don’t want the headache of having something else to have to think about. You’ve done fine up to now….

Your Business Is YOUR Business

That’s all to do with what you offer, who you are, where you work but it’s also your business name. Even if you’re a sole trader, you have a brand and that brand is YOU. So you deserve to have a website that can be there telling people about who you are and what you offer. If they are looking for a business and can’t find you, you’re literally losing money.

Importance Of A Good Website

Not having a website makes consumers trust you less. In fact, there was a report done and it revealed, 75 percent of people said they made a judgement on how credible a business was based purely on the design of their website. So it’s not just about having a website – it’s having a good one. You might think the one you knocked up one evening using a drag n drop free website builder or the one that directory gave you might do the trick… won’t if it’s a digital version of drawing with crayons.

So get a good site that’s affordable and looks great, there are so many benefits and this really is just scratching the surface. If you have a site that you’re not happy with, we can bring that up to where it should be for you design wise.

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